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Kalimera Kriti reflects my personal, almost intimate, straight and sometimes uncompromising view of beautiful Crete, its citizens and their everyday life. It is the view of a a freelance journalist, historian of religions, a long term traveller to Crete, considering Crete not «just» to be his preferred destination for holidays but his purpose of life, his home.

Nevertheless you won 't find nicely packed words and pretty flowers of speech, enthusing about authenticity or paradise on earth here. There are a lot of further Crete travel blogs and travel guide books that sough exactly those same old litanies and stories for decades.  Despite or rather because of that as a reader you dont have to relinquish useful informations, exciting travel reports and helpful advices for your next holidays in Crete. Due to my language skills and my personal contact to the natives I would like to open up new perspectives for you. Because Crete is far more than bouzouki-tunes and souvlaki spits that on pictures in front of a rather moderate taverna look even worse, than being served.

To me, Crete is the unknown baker who reveals me her entire family history while preparing my freddo espresso (cold coffee). But Crete equally is the taxidriver cursing me vociferously by trying to convince me to drive me directly to Rethymno for 100 Euro instead of dropping me off at the central Bus Station of Heraklion. Crete is Raki (schnapps) and Cretan Mountain Tea. Crete is tropic-fruity healthy superfood smoothie with a little nut-nougat creme too. Crete is Giouvetsi (veal meal), Antikristo (grilled lamb) and Boubouristi (snails). But Crete sometimes is vegan stew with chickpeas and soymilk too. Crete is individual holidays/vacations, agrotourism, yoga retreat and music workshop. Crete is the idyll of mountain villages but small town romance in Heraklion, Rethymno, Chania and Ierapetra too. And Crete is mass tourism in and around Chersonissos and Malia, even if a lot of die-hard travellers in Crete can't accept this very easily.

«καλή διασκέδαση» («enjoy»)


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