• Kalimera Kriti

Chania is now redlisted

For a few days now, Crete has registered more infections than ever before. Greece therefore classifies the district of Chania as a risk area. Intensified measures will apply from March 13th.

The corona virus is spreading on the island of Crete. Last Friday, the registered infections excelled the three-digit range with 101 cases for the first time, whereas the Heraklion district continues to manifest the highest number of cases (61).

In Chania the number of infections recently increased to 21 on March 12th.

Greece's government therefore has decided to classify the entire administrative district of Chania together with Heraklion and Anoia (Ανώγεια) as risk area.

Intensified measures

From March 13th to March 20th, the following rules apply in Chania and the surrounding area:

- Traffic ban from 19: 00-06: 00

- Digital learning for schools

- Shops, hairdressers and beauty salons remain closed

- Religious celebrations / rituals without an audience (exception: funerals)

Depending on the pandemic development, the government will decide on further measures in and around Chania at the end of the week. The opening of the tourist season 2021 shall take place on May 14th, depending on the situation in Greece.