• Kalimera Kriti

Everything under control in Crete

On the 7th November Greece has ordered a second lockdown. As in most regions of Greece, the measures seem to have already had an impact on the island of Crete. In just one month, the number of cases fell from 319 in the end of November to around 70-100 cases per week. The reduction in infections with the new corona virus on Greece's largest island was urgently needed. Almost the half (1173) of all 2471 cases registered in Crete during the pandemic were recorded in the month of November. Now, at the end of December, the situation on the island seems to be under control, as the authorities announced on Cretan television. 52 patients are currently being treated in hospitals in Crete for corona, 20 of them in intensive care units (as of December 19). On the island, a total of 21 people died with or from the corona virus during the pandemic.

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