• Kalimera Kriti

Greece adopts new restrictive measures for hotspots

Updated: May 30

Greece reformulated the restrictive measures for hotspots in the presence of the tourism season. There are no hotspots in Crete, but the city of Chania is currently under closer surveillance.

The Greek government has announced that it will continue to introduce more restrictive measures in the event of local outbreaks (hotspots) of the coronavirus. In this way, the government wants to ensure that the pandemic remains under control, not least because of the expected tourists.

The city of Chania is currently among the potential candidates for stricter measures, as the responsible minister, Nikos Chardalias, made clear. The active cases there had risen to 213 (May 28) within a short period of time. The population is therefore called upon to adhere to the hygiene measures particularly consistently, according to Chardalias.

The restrictive measures for hotspots are:

  • No traffic between midnight and 6 a.m.

  • Restriction of the operation of taverns, cafes, restaurants etc .:

  • Customers only outdoors

  • Consumption only while sitting

  • 24h music ban

  • Mask requirement while not consuming

  • Disinfectant on every table

  • Regular disinfection of the menus

  • No events such as parties, weekly markets, theater, concerts, etc.

  • No assembly of 9 or more people, public and private

  • Eat a maximum of four at the table or six in the family

  • Suspension of construction work

  • Prohibition of religious ceremonies, with the exception of funerals (max. 9 people) and services without believers.

  • 4 people per table are allowed in the dining areas unless there is a family of 6, suspension of construction, religious ceremonies excluding funerals with the presence of up to 9 people and services without believers.

One the one hand, the definition of the measures shows how fragile the situation during the pandemic in Greece and Crete is. On the other hand, regulations on tavernas, cafes and restaurants seem to indicate that further lowering can be expected in June. Mask requirement, music ban etc. currently also apply in non-risk areas (here).