• Kalimera Kriti

Greece is taking further steps towards normal life

The Greek government has loosen the measures against the spread of the corona virus. The curfew will be shortened and music will be played again in the taverns.

After the number cases and the 7-day incidence in Greece fell further recently, the Greek government initiated further easing of the measures over the weekend. From now on, music can be played again in the outdoor areas of taverns, cafés and restaurants. Catering establishments whose interiors offer enough space and ensure the supply of fresh air can receive guests indoors again. In addition, the curfew has been shortened and applies from 01:30 to 05:00 in the morning until further notice.

The mandatory of face masks in public spaces, i.e. theoretically also on the beaches, has not been lifted though. Reports from early vacationers in Crete show, however, that locals and tourists deal with this instruction relatively loosely and yet mostly responsibly.

Greece counted 358 cases over the weekend (June 13th), including 22 in Crete. Around half of the infections are currently recorded in the Heraklion district.