• Kalimera Kriti

Lockdown in Crete. What you need to know

On the 7th November Greece has ordered another lockdown. In several weeks the measures seem to have had reduced the number of cases from 3316 on 12th November 12 (peak) to 534 infections per day. Regarding the island of Crete with its population of about 640000 citizens, the last days only 10-20 cases have been detected per day. In order not to burden the health system further, the government extended the following measures until 7th January. If the government adopts tougher measures in the event of a deterioration in the situation in Crete, such as recently in the greater Athens or Kozani area, Kalimera Kriti will inform you.

Entry into Greece

The entry into the country is only allowed with a negative corona test (PCR test) not older than 72 hours. You are obliged to fill out the PLF form (available here) and to show the QR code on request while traveling. The code will by received by email on the day of travel. After entering Greece you are obliged to undergo a rapid test and a 3-days self isolation will be mandatory till 7th January. Travellers from the U.K. have to isolate themselves for 7 days. If you are tested positive to Sars CoV-2 you have to isolate yourself for 14 days.

Caution: Special rules/regulations apply for Greek citizens and travellers from certain countries like Turkey or Russia. Your authorities may provide informations.

Curfew and mask requirement

It is mandatory keep a distance of at least 1.5 m and to wear a mask in public indoor and outdoor areas. If you want to leave your home you are obliged to fill out an (electronic) form (available here). From 05:00 till 21:00 you are allowed to leave the house for the following reasons: for health reasons, in order to buy urgent groceries, to accompany children or the elderly, to go to the authorities, to engage in sports, to go for a walk with the dog or due to marriages, baptisms or funerals. From 21:00 till 05:00 you can leave to or return from work, go out with your pet or leave the house due to health reasons.

Public facilities / shops

All hotels are allowed to receive guests. In addition to grocery stores, health centers and pharmacies, kiosks, laundries, petrol/gaz stations, hairdressers and animal shops are open.

Public transport, taxis and domestic travel

Taxis are allowed to carry no more than 1 passenger, buses can only be filled up to 65%. Traveling between the different prefectures (νόμοι) is only permitted in exceptional cases, for example if there are health reasons.




Edit: Unfortunately the first version of this article contained some inaccuracies. I would like to thank Katharina from www.nissomanie.de for her advice. Please check out her homepage. It is in German, but the pictures from all over Greece are marvellous.