• Kalimera Kriti

No mandatory Quarantine for some Travelers to Greece

Updated: Apr 21

As part of the gradual opening of the country to tourism, the Greek government decided not to extend the mandatory quarantine for travelers on 19th April. The other corona measures in the red-listed country are still valid.

With its decision, Greece facilitates the entry into the country for tourists from the EU, Switzerland and 5 other countries (USA, GB, Israel, UAE, Serbia). However, the quarantine obligation is only waived for those who provide a negative PCR-test not older than 72 hours or a proof of full vaccination. This is reported by Efsyn and other media.

Those who entry the country by sea are still obliged to undergo a mandatory 7-day-quarantine. Further, the Greek govermenent emphasized that tourists are not exempt from the measures within Greece. Because the country still is red-listed for most European and other countries, travelers have to reckon with quarantine when returning home.

Tourism sector is still not vaccinated

With the abolition of the quarantine requirement for travelers, the Greek government is sticking to its plan of gradual opening until May 14, despite the slight increase in the number of cases. At that day the tourism season is to be officially opened. However, the government has not yet passed specific decisions on whether and how employees in the tourism sector should be vaccinated. Greece appears to be sticking to the original vaccination schedule, mainly due to shortages in vaccination doses.




Picture: Pixabay