• Kalimera Kriti

Restrictive Corona-Measures in the District of Chania from 25th August

The district of Chania from 25.8. (06:00) till at least 1.9. (06:00) adds restrictive measures to the prevailing ones:

- Mandatory use of masks indoor and outdoor. - All events, such as parties, concerts, religious processions, open markets etc. are suspended. - Prohibition of any kind of gathering of citizens over 9, be it in public or in private. - In taverns and dining areas 4 people at most are allowed at a table; in case they are first-degree relatives up to 6 persons are allowed. In case of changes/adjustments Kalimera Kriti will provide further informations.


https://www.ethnos.gr/ellada/120826_koronoios-ektakta-metra-sta-hania https://www.keeptalkinggreece.com/2020/08/24/chania-coronavirus-restrictive-measures-crete/